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What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Primarily is about our people and the knowledge and experience we have. Although you may only work with one of us at a time, each is a mentor to the others, so by combining our expertise we are able to offer over 250 years worth of legal, business & life experiences, which can only bring you the best solutions.

...but it’s also about having fun, because being in business should be enjoyable. Working with our training allies, we are also able to offer you training and personal development experiences which are truly memorable and second to none. This, together with the follow-up coaching we offer, helps to solidify your learning experience and achieve long-term sustainable results. Following an initial “strategy day”, when Key Decision Makers within your organisation will be involved with us in analysing your business and helping to develop strategies for improvement, growth or change, we will have a good understanding of where you are now and where you want to be. This will enable us to develop bespoke solutions for you aimed at helping you achieve long-term sustainable results. This may range from individual one to one coaching, leadership and management training or helping you put new systems and structures in place. Once the plan is in place we will hold regular meetings with you to review progress and help you implement any necessary changes.


Colum J Smith - Partner, McMillan Williams:

“ a direct result of Mr Turner's input a five year plan was implemented with a gross profit improvement target, that in fact was exceeded well inside the time period allocation. His help was invaluable."

T. Meijer, Business Owner, Scu-zi:

"I am happy that we have got to another level and I can thank you for that."

Managing Director, Employment Company:

"It is reassuring to know that even in this festive period when most people's attention is towards celebrating with their family you are working behind the scenes to help grow this business and to ensure that we are on track concerning the goals we have set for ourselves."

Carol Cremin, Managing Director, Choice Connections Ltd:

"You are one of the few people who say what others only think, which is so refreshing. I enjoy your company immensely. Your hands-on common sense approach to people helps them to be confident, thereby being generally more successful in their lives."