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The Work We Do

The Work We Do

Following an initial “strategy day”, when Key Decision Makers within your organization will be involved in analysing the business and helping to develop strategies for improvement, growth or change as appropriate, we will then have a good understanding of where you are now and where you want to be. This will enable us to develop bespoke solutions for you aimed at helping you achieve long-term sustainable results. This may range from individual one to one coaching, leadership and management training or helping you put new systems and structures in place. Once the plan is in place we will hold regular meetings with you to review progress and help you implement any necessary changes. Our fees will be worked out on the basis of the amount of time we need to spend with you and your team and whether or not our training partners are also involved.


Director - Clinical Care Support Company:

"I have greatly enjoyed and have learned a lot from the Planning process and the meetings that we have had together. The next three years of the development of this company are going to be very exciting."

Managing Director - IT Consultancy:

"Working with you Mike has given me a focus to my business that it never had before. We have almost completed the Strategy Plan, have completed a redesign of the web-site, have many of our systems in place, have a marketing team on board and specific direction for the next six months."

Mick Cooper, Space IT Recruitment Consultancy, Greenwich, London:

"Working with Simon has helped us to define a proper framework for managing our business in timescales that we didn't believe were possible. There was a key moment when everything seemed to fall into place, and we are now developing a long term structured business model and strategy that will allow us to realize our ambitions. Now we run our business, not the other way round."