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Citius Legal

For... Faster... Higher... Stronger business results in Kent and the South East. The name Citius derives from the Olympic motto, "Citius, Altius, Fortius" meaning Faster, Higher Stronger. Through bespoke Business Consultancy, Coaching & Experiential Training, we work with Businesses who share our passion for achieving “faster” business growth. We help you raise the bar by aiming "higher" – higher standards throughout, achieved through improved leadership and management skills. We help you grow "stronger" through management training, coaching, executive coaching and better business planning enabling you to achieve long term sustainable results. We try to make your learning fun and experiential whilst maintaining a highly focused, professional approach at all times! By working in real partnership with you, we can together help you live your business vision.


"By just some simple changes to the way we do things, the wow factors we give our customers, the way we treat each other and by having worked on improving the levels of communication within the company, we are already starting to see some of our best results yet. Two of our branches made record sales last month!"